List of Open Source Communities In Malaysia

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List of Open Source Communities In Malaysia

All are active groups with known meetup as off December 2010. Comments are my personal view.

Learn and getting help about Linux, and Open Source Software from this groups.

(1) UKM Open Source Community

UKM Open Source Community Forum and website

UKM Open Source Community Mailing List

UKM Open Source CommunityFacebook

- > Among active OSS groups for universities in Malaysia.

(2) Open Source Developers Club Malaysia Website Mailing List Facebook

To produce world class developers in Malaysia

(3) Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team

Mailing List

Official Community Page

Official Website


(4) Community FreeBSD / PCBSD Malaysia

PCBSD Malaysia Mailing List

PCBSD Malaysia Facebook


(5) Women Of Malaysia OSS Community Website Facebook Mailing List

(6) Fedora Malaysia

Fedora Malaysia Website

Fedora Malaysia Mailing List

(7) OpenSuse Malaysia

OpenSuse Malaysia Website

OpenSuse Malaysia Facebook

(8) MyPenguin99

MyPenguin99 Mailing List

Unoffical Website

MyPenguin99 Facebook

(9) JomLinux

Jomlinux Website

JomLinux Mailing List

(10) KK-LUG (Kota Kinabalu Sabah)

KK-LUG Mailing List

(11) Melaka Open Source

Melaka Open Source

Melaka Open Source Facebook

(12) Kuantan Linux Users Group


(13) Kedah Open Source

Kedah Open Source Facebook

(14) website

(15) Mailing List

(16) Malaysia Ruby Brigade

Malaysia-rb Mailing List

(17) Google Technology Users Group

GTUG Kuala Lumpur

(18) UTM Open Source Group

UTM-OSS Mailing List

Komuniti OSS UTM

(19) Open Source Alliance Cyberjaya

OSACyber Mailing List

OSACyber Website

MMU Repository

Linuxsig MMU Melaka

(20) foss-sm

foss-sm Website Event

(21) Facebook User And Developer Community (Malaysia)

FBUDC Facebook

FBUDC Website

(22) Open Source Competency Centre (OSCC) MAMPU


OSCC MAMPU Mailing List


(23) UPM Open Source

Ubuntu and Centos Mirror for Malaysia

(24) Projek Terjemahan Bahasa Melayu

Dikendalikan oleh Ubuntu-my

(25) LinuxVarsiti

LinuxVarsiti Website

Linuxvarsiti Facebook

(26) Penguin Masuk Kampung

Penguin Masuk Kampung Website


(27) Very Important Programmer


(28) MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2010


(29) MSC Malaysia OSI

(30) LinuxMalaysia

LinuxMalaysia Facebook

(31) Forum Website Facebook

(32) Dunia-Digital Yahoogroups

Dunia-Digital Facebook


(34) MyDebian

MyDebian Yahoogroups

MyDebian Blog

(35) LinuxDotMy

LinuxDotMy Network

LinuxDotMy Website

(36) Drupal Malaysia

Drupal Malaysia Website

(37) Joomla Malaysia

Komuniti Pengguna Joomla Malaysia

Komuniti Joomla Malaysia

(38) MOSCA

Malaysia Open Source Software Consultant Alliance (MOSCA)

(39) jaring.os.linux news server

(40) Portal Komuniti Sumber Terbuka Malaysia

(41) Asia Open Source

Asia Open Source Website

(42) ASEAN Summer Google Of Code

(43) Asia Open Source Software Center

(44) Kuching Open Source Community

(45) MySlackware

Malaysia Slackware Group

Myslackware Website

(46) Malaysian GNU/Linux From Scratch (Mylfs)

(47) MYSIG

Pertubuhan Pakar ICT Malaysia

Compile by Harisfazillah Jamel
Hafnie LinuxMalaysia

version 1.2 - 8 Dec 2009

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