Major IT Projects Review

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Successful IT: Modernising Government in Action

Business Change

Delivery of information technology (IT) projects must be set in the context of delivering wider business change.

In the past, the introduction of IT systems has been seen as an end in itself instead of being part of a wider process to meet departments’ and agencies’ overall business objectives.

Business development skills need to be strengthened to support the management of business change projects and to enable informed business decisions to be made both before initiation of a project and throughout its life.

Effective management of business change requires the production and maintenance of a business case for the total change, not just for the introduction of a new IT system.

Best practice standards and guidance will be provided from the Centre, to achieve greater consistency across Government in the application of this approach.

Leadership and Responsibility

Effective business change programmes and projects require clear, active and visible leadership from the top.

In the past, some change programmes and projects have suffered from a lack of active ownership.

Overall responsibility for delivering the business objectives and benefits of any programme or project must be vested in a single, responsible and visible individual, the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO).

The practice of having SROs for projects and programmes must be embedded across Government through the use of appraisal and reward systems.

The Centre needs to provide and maintain information-sharing mechanisms and practical guidance for SROs on the nature of the role and the specific tasks involved.

Project Management

Skill in policy or operational roles is no assurance of the ability to manage a project. Failure to recognise the need for specific skills results in ineffective project management and has been a contributing factor in the failure of a number of projects.

To improve Government’s performance, we need mechanisms to harness and build on the limited experience available. One such mechanism will be the wider adoption of formal project management methodologies.

Key staff on major projects should undertake appropriate project management training and mentoring should be made available to project managers across Government.

Departments and agencies must assess the difficulty of their projects and match this against the abilities of their project managers. Where necessary, these abilities should be supplemented by managers from elsewhere in the public sector or from the private sector.

Risk Management

An appreciation of business risk management at all levels in an organisation will help to ensure that the impact of a project is fully understood and monitored throughout its life.

The process of risk analysis and management is covered in existing guidelines but the extent to which these are followed varies considerably.

To ensure risk management is effective, procedures designed to improve reporting and the upward referral of problems are needed.

More effective risk management will enable departments and agencies to undertake the increasingly complex and cross-cutting projects that are demanded by the Modernising Government agenda.

Modular and Incremental Development

Large, ambitious projects carry a high risk of failing to meet some, or all, of their goals.

Governments in the UK and abroad and the private sector have recognised that an effective way o reduce risk is to break large projects into smaller, more manageable components.

We have produced some preliminary guidelines on modular and incremental approaches to IT delivery for departments and agencies to consider when taking on large projects.

Departments and agencies must consider the subject explicitly and must document their chosen approach before initiating large projects.

Benefit Realisation

Projects and programmes can only be regarded as successful if the intended benefits are realised.

There have been weaknesses in the systems used for ensuring that benefits are tracked and ultimately delivered.

Departments and agencies must include formal processes to determine the benefits of projects and review the progress towards their realisation.

The Centre needs to collect and maintain information on the type of benefits realised from specific projects and programmes and share this information across Government.

Procurement and Supplier Relationships

Increased dependence on IT to help deliver business objectives raises the importance of effective IT procurement.

Clearer articulation of Government IT procurement policy will improve relations between the Government and its suppliers and improve the success rate of projects.

Mechanisms that encourage more mature co-operation between client and supplier can have a significant impact on project success.

Scrutiny of supplier plans throughout the procurement process is important in ensuring that objectives are delivered. There are key actions that must be taken by suppliers to help improve performance.

Actively managing market intelligence across Government can help improve procurement decisions.

People and Skills

The Modernising Government agenda places a huge demand on departments, agencies and IT suppliers to expand the skills they will need to deliver successful business change.

Government needs to enhance its skills in the procurement and management of IT at a time when global demand for these skills is escalating and widespread skill shortages are being predicted.

All departments and agencies will need to retain some core skills and must consider early development and recruitment in key areas.

Government needs to get better at identifying and measuring these core skills and provide rapid ways of developing and acquiring what is missing.

The Centre also needs to act now to help departments and agencies prepare to meet the demands of the e-government Strategy.

Learning Lessons

Improving performance means learning the lessons from experiences, both good and bad.

In the past, change programmes and projects have been carried out without an awareness of what was happening, or had already happened, elsewhere.

A system of peer review will spread knowledge and ensure that new initiatives have the benefit of experience as they go ahead.

New mechanisms are needed to ensure that best practice and good advice are readily available and easy to use.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation of the recommendations set out in this report will be vital to the achievement of Information Age Government.

Implementation of these recommendations will be owned by the e-envoy who will make an interim report to the e-government Minister in December 2000 on progress and further reports on an ongoing basis.

Permanent Secretaries will be responsible for driving and monitoring progress in implementing these recommendations in their departments and agencies; reporting on progress to the e-envoy.

The Centre will have an important role in implementing the recommendations made in this report. This role must be understood by, and promoted to, government departments and agencies and industry.

Bluetooth SIG

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WIRELESSLY, POWERFULLY, EFFICIENTLY. Bluetooth wireless technology work how ever you work. It work whenever you work, seamlessly connecting all of your mobile devices. Creating unprecedented connectivity.

Itulah yang orang kata tentang Bluetooth. Gigi biru zaman baru. Bersempena nama seorang pahlawan viking zaman dulu yang akhirnya menjadi raja viking...... Bluetooth menjadi satu nama teknologi baru. Menghubungkan peranti tanpa wayar anda.....

Teknologi tanpa wayar BluetoothTM telah merealisasikan pasaran perhubungan peribadi tanpa wayar dengan lebih meluas lagi. Ia membolehkan komputer anda berhubung dengan terus dengan telefon, PDA, headphone dan sebagainya. Yang menariknya, kini kita boleh jumpa tetikus tanpa wayar, papan kekunci tanpa wayar, speaker tanpa wayar, konsol video game tanpa wayar dan berbagai lagi. Dalam tempuh terdekat nanti, TANPA WAYAR akan mendominasi kehidupan harian anda.

Apa sebenarnya Bluetooth?

Bluetooth SIG adalah satu pertubuhan perdagangan yang mempunyai minat mendalam dalam merealisasikan dunia tanpa wayar Bluetooth berjaya. Ianya diketuai oleh sembilan kumpulan promoter iaitu 3Com, Agere, Ericsson, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, Nokia dan Toshiba, berserta beratus lagi sebagai ahli biasa dan pengamal Bluetooth. SIG adalah singkatan daripada Special Interest Group.

Di mana Bluetooth akan digunakan

Di mana-mana saja.Selagi peranti anda menepati spesifikasi Bluetooth, ianya boleh dihubungkan tanpa wayar dengan peranti yang lain tak kira di mana anda berada. Andea yang akan menetapkan sempadannya. Samada anda berada di Eropah, Asia, Asia Barat, Timur, Amerika atau Afrika sekali pun, selagi anda mempunyai peranti yang menepati sepesifikasi Bluetooth, anda boleh berhubung tanpa wayar dengan perantio tersebut.

Apa di sebalik Bluetooth?

Bluetooth telah dibangunkan dan disokong oleh berbagai produk dan pembangunan applikasi yang merangkumi segmen pasaran yang luas. Ia termasuk daripada pembangun software, pembangun teknologi silikon, peripheral, pembuat camera, pembuat komputer dan peralatan portable, barangan elektronik, pengeluar alat penguji dan sebagainya.

Satu teknologi yang benar-benar telah berjaya menjadikan Bluetooth bergerak pada landasannya adalah teknologi semiconductor yang berteraskan RF (radio frequency). Dan dalam teknologi ini, dengan teknologi baru semiconductor, yang dipanggil SiGe (Silicon - Germanium) membolehkan peranti tanpa wayar berkembang luas tanpa batasannya. Ini bermula bila pada 1998, IBM memulakan secara komersial produck berasaskan SiGe. Dengan adanya process teknologi SiGe ini, semakin banyak LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) di buat. Inilah yang menjadikan peranti tanpa wayar dengan noise ratio yang minimum berkembang pesat.... Bukan itu sahaja, malah peranti yang biasa digunakan dalam teknologi radio-frequency seperti mixer, modulator, demodulator, transciever, transmitter, VCOs dan sebagainya telah banyak melepasi had yang ditentukan oleh silikon (Si) atau pun GaAs (Galium Arsenide). SiGe membuka era baru dalam teknologi tanpa wayar.

Apa yang Istimewa dengan SiGe?

Dengan kata "lay man word", SiGe adalah speed. Kelajuan. Kelajuan peranti yang berasaskan Si adalah terhad kepada maksima 2GHz. Ini kerana bandgap bagi Si adalah 1.12eV berbanding 1.04eV bagi SiGe. Dengan itu Si biasa mempunyai electron base transit time yang tinggi dan tidak dapat bersaing dengan SiGe.

Bagi SiGe, transistornya di panggil HBT (hetero-junction bipolar transistor). Base resistance (RB) bagi SiGe HBT boleh diubah-ubah hanya dengan menukar kandungan dopant Ge tanpa memudaratkan current gain(ß). Lebih-lebih lagi noise factor SiGe adalah sangat rendah berbanding kepasa Si biasa iaitu pada 0.9dB berbanding dengan 3.0dB pada kelajuan transistor level 10GHz. Beberapa faktor lain yang menjadikan ianya mendapat populariti sekarang adalah keboleh-prosesan teknologi ini menggunakan teknologi CMOS biasa. ianya tidak memerlukan banyak mesin-mesin tambahan dan tidak berbahaya kepada alam sekitar berbanding dengan GaAs. Melihat namanya yang mengandungi Arsenide, sudah cukup untuk tidak menyentuhnya.....

Nah, sesiapa yang bekerja di persekitaran RF, anda tentunya tahu membezakan.....

Tak lama lagi, Malaysia akan terlakar dalam peta dunia sebagai salah satu negara yang punyai produk berasaskan teknologi SiGe. Satu teknologi baru yang menjadikan Bluetooth satu realiti. Yang menjadikan komunikasi tanpa wayar berkembang luas.

Panduan Penjagaan PC

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Untuk memastikan komputer peribadi di rumah atau pun di pejabat sentiasa berada dalam keadaan yang baik, pengendalian dan penjagaan yang betul adalah amat penting. Di bawah disenaraikan beberapa langkah yang boleh dijadikan panduan dalam pengendalian komputer dengan kaedah yang betul.

  1. Sentiasa "log off" PC anda semasa anda tiada di tempat kerja. Ini penting sekiranya anda dipertanggungjawabkan untuk mengendalikan dokumen rahsia.
  2. Sekiranya anda ingin "shutdown" PC anda, adalah penting mengikut prosedur yang betul. Ini dapat menyelamatkan sistem fail dari sebarang kerosakan.
  3. Sentiasa melakukan salian (backup) kepada fail yang anda fikirkan penting ke dalam disket atau pun thumbdrive. Ini dapat mengelakkan kehilangan data sekiranya berlaku kerosakan komputer.
  4. Amalkan kemaskini fail definisi virus (anti-virus) sekurang-kurangnya seminggu sekali. Amalan ini hendaklah dilakukan secara berjadual dan berterusan.
  5. Amalkan mengimbas (scan) virus sekurang-kurangnya seminggu sekali. Ini adalah untuk mengelakkan PC anda menjadi lambat semasa proses mengimbas dilakukan, anda dinasihatkan melakukan kerja mengimbas virus ini semasa waktu rehat tengahari.
  6. Amalkan pemeriksaan ruang kosong hard disk anda terutamanya pemacu (drive) C. Ini penting untuk mengelakkan PC anda menjadi lambat semasa anda membuka sesuatu fail.
  7. Sekiranya anda ingin menyimpan fail atau mencipta folder, jangan hanya menyimpan di bahagian atau pada drive yang sama sahaja. Tetapi juga perlu di bahagian atau drive lain yang bersesuaian.
  8. Simpan disket atau thumbdrive yang mengandungi maklumat yang penting di tempat yang selamat
  9. Sentiasa kosongkan Recycle Bin. Amalan ini dapat mengurangkan peruntukan memori
  10. Sila kemaskini sistem fail anda. Buang mana-mana fail yang tidak diperlukan seperti fail temp. Contoh :- <~namafail.tmp>. Biasanya fail ini terdapat di dalam folder Temp.

Browser Anti Pop-up

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Anda tentu bosan dengan tetingkap Pop-up daripada laman yang lawati. Jika satu tetingkap mungkin anda boleh tahan lagi namun menjadi gangguan jika setiap kali lawatan anda ada sahaja "Pop-up" ini. Malah ada sesetengah laman meletak lebih daripada satu pop-up.

Selain daripada gangguan, Pop-up mengambil masa untuk anda mencapai sesebuah laman dan boleh memperlahankan capaian anda. Disamping itu ada sesetengah pop-up tapi anda sedari telah memasang perisian tertentu.

Mozilla adalah sebuah perisian pelayar daripada projek sumber terbuka. Ia dilengkapi dengan kemudahan untuk menghentikan "pop-up". Mozilla boleh anda dapati di laman

Jika anda pengguna Internet Explorer. Alexa dan Google menyediakan kemudahan "toolbar" yang dilengkapkan dengan kemudahan menghentikan pop-up.

Sebagai contohnya, apabila anda telah memasang Alexa toolbar apabila dan melawat sesebuah laman, apabila sebuah pop-up akan keluar, anda akan ditanya sama ada anda mahu
menerima atau tidak pop-up itu. Jika anda memilih tidak, lawatan seterusnya Alexa toolbar akan menghalang terus pop-up tanpa lagi bertanya kepada anda.

Begitu juga dengan toolbar daripada Google.

Untuk mendapatkan toolbar ini

Google toolbar

Alexa toolbar

Diharapkan nota ringkas ini dapat membantu anda dalam pelayaran anda di Internet Malaysia dan seluruh dunia.



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This blog is created special give for myself on my birthday.

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